Fees and FAQ's

Fee for Services

Fees Per Session

Psychotherapy / Mixed Modalities, Individual$150
Psychotherapy / Mixed Modalities, Couples & Relationships$175
Coaching Services, Individual$150
Coaching Services, Relationships$175

Other Services

Consultation & Training - by proposalTBD
Consultation with Collaborating Providers$50
Court Preparations (hourly)$250
Court Appearance (hourly)$300
Letters (per 15 minutes)$15
Phone Calls & Emails over 10 min$150
Copies of Files (Per page)$.76
Admin Fee - Questions about transactions if proven valid$35

Frequently Asked Questions

We no longer accept insurance. Working within the insurance complex requires us to raise costs, compromise the type of care we can provide, and impacts patient privacy. Carnelian is committed to working outside of these systems to provide high-quality, individualized care for our clients.

Carnelian does not offer a sliding scale at this time. We are committed to transparency, and our pricing can be found in our fees section. We are also happy to make referrals to other providers with sliding scales.
We offer free phone and video consultations for new clients to determine if we can meet your needs and discover what services are most appropriate for your needs. Contact us here to schedule your consultation to determine whether our therapy or coaching services are right for you.
Our therapy practice is currently 100% virtual. Therapy clients must be located in Missouri or Arkansas based on our license. Coaching clients can be located anywhere in the world.

Therapy treats mental illness and improves mental health, coaching tackles challenges from a different lens. Learn more here: Coaching vs. Therapy: Do You Need a Coach, a Therapist, or Both? (betterup.com)

Consenting adults, 18+
Reach out via phone, email, or by using Carnelian’s online contact form. We will schedule a brief 15-20 minute phone or video consultation. If you decide that we’re a good fit to meet your needs, we will schedule your first appointment. Once the first appointment is scheduled, you will receive a follow-up email from Carnelian’s virtual office with a variety of forms to complete ahead of our first session. All appointments are conducted via the virtual office platform, and video sessions are accessible to anyone with a phone, tablet or computer with internet access.